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A well designed Solar Energy System can provide you with a range of benefits including significant reductions in energy costs, an increase in the value of your home and reductions in your carbon footprint.

We apply a straightforward 4 step process to design and implement the system that will best suit your immediate and longer term needs.

In addition to the system design, your dedicated SQ9 SOLAR Project Manager will give you a detailed proposal covering system costing as well as projections on energy generation, savings and ROI / payback.

There are a number of Grants available to support your move to Solar Energy.  Your Project Manager will also work with you to check eligibility and prepare the necessary applications and supporting documentation.

For most systems, planning permission is generally not required.  If your system exceeds planning exemptions and planning permission is required, we will work with you to complete the application.

Find out more on how a Solar Energy System can benefit you.


Contact us if you would like to know more. 

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